Eat Healthy, Live Healthy, Feel Good.

The key to an all round healthy body isn’t all about fitness. Its about what you consume as part of your diet. As part of my personal training services I offer nutritional advice and coaching. Here are some of my favourite places that offer fantastic organic food and products:

Live For Today logo

Harrogate based adventure company who offer a variety of activities from high ropes to axe throwing. Receive 20% off today.


Workstation assessments and Osteopathy.

Naked Ape Logo

Naked Ape – Fantastic on the go healthy snacks.


Harrogate Based Blogger.

O’Connor Chiropractor

Chiropractor based in Harrogate.

Harrogate based Golf Coach helping you to improve your game whether you are a beginner or scratch golfer.

Award winning organic health food stockists.

Ideal for finding your local farmers market.

Fantastic source of unpasteurised Raw Milk

Health supplementation of the highest quality.

Fantastic source of meat.

Organic and whole Natural Products.

Organic fruit, veg, kitchen cupboard, dairy etc delivered to your door.

High quality Organic supplements and the World’s number one 10 Day Transformation.

Holistic Dental Care specialising in the removal of Mercury Amalgam Fillings.

Organic food box scheme based in Yorkshire.

Rolfing in Leeds

Rolfing is a global myofascial and educational therapy, particularly helpful for chronic conditions and patterns of strain, office-bound postural habits and bringing you and your body closer together.